Do you look forward to the change of season?  Summer in Seattle is gorgeous and I’m sad to see it end but I’m definitely looking forward to a change.  The BBQ and deck furniture will soon be covered, our plants will be trimmed back , and the pantry will stocked for snow days.   Fall is one of my favorite times of the year – the colors, the smells, the clothes, the BOOTS!   

Winter in the Pacific Northwest can be cold.  We live in the foothills and get a little snow, lots of ice, and short days with not much day light – maybe this is why we drink so much Starbucks coffee  (also like Peets!!) 

Leather, cashmere, and wool, are a few of my staples  for this time of year.  Cotton is great when combined with other pieces and used to layer.

Vince has some great pieces for the season.  I like their sweaters and leather pieces :  http://www.vince.com/women/shop-the-look/icat/wlook/ 

www.mercerstore.com is a local boutique featuring a wonderful  selection of denim, tees, and layering pieces.   I bought a navy tank and a long sleeve gray v-neck the other day, both soft cotton – www.bobitee.com   Gray, black, and navy are my colors. 

Pulling out my clogs and boots ~

 http://zapp.me/7594577  These Frye riding boots are simple, sophisticated and can be dressed up or down.  They are a classic and won’t go out of style.

http://shop.nordstrom.com/sr?keyword=see+by+chole+clogs&origin=keywordsearch  Love these under my jeans or a wide leg wool pant. Very comfy with the platform.

These are definitely my Line Dancing shoes (just kidding, I don’t know how to line dance – but if I did, this is what I would wear).  Maybe these are Zodiac’s?   They are very, very old..

Also have my http://www.shopbop.com/hunter-original-tall-gloss-rain/vp/v=1/845524441870611.htm?folderID=2534374302049169&extid=froogle-HUNTS2001412867  Classic.. perfect for the rain here.   I’m wearing mine in my last post.    Not the most sexy pair of shoes I own, but comfy and functional.

What are your favorite pieces for Fall?


Local Events

Salmon Days in Issaquah, WA .  A local FUN family event! We go every year!


Lots of local folks .. and salmon!

Sea Fair ;p

Always have to have a salmon burger.  These are YUMMY, MESSY, so.. good!

  I could eat two!

Local art work – very unique!  A must see! :)

Found Chilly Billy’s Polar Ice – Bill said if I mentioned him I would get a free Polar Ice..  I’ll let you know

That’s my son getting his sugar FIX but it’s all natural, no preservatives Organic Hawaiian Shaved Ice – delicious!

That’s  Bill :)

Then there’s the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery!!

We really need volunteers! ~salmon is my favorite fish:)

Playing in the stream with baby Jade

A salmon jumping -

Stopped  at Issquah Fish And Pets to get supplies for our aquarium – trying to control the “girls”

I’ll leave you with this pic..


Peach Crumble

I feel the coolness in the air.  The weather is changing in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s almost time to cover the BBQ and turn on the oven. 

Delicious smells – chocolate chip cookies, cakes, pies, and cobbler baking.  Love it!  Dave brought home a crate of peaches the other day and asked for a cobbler. With healthy on my mind.. I thought I’d make this a lowfat, gluten free, low sugar treat. 

Here is my version of an American Fave – Peach Crumble.

Frequently I cook by the way something smells or its texture, and  guess on the measurements if I’m not making something that can be a little tempermental.   I’m sure if I add more butter and sugar this dish would taste better, but I kinda like a slight sweetness vs. the sugary kind of dessert.

Start with 4 -6 peaches, honey, butter (I used Ghee), Almond and Teff flour, lemon, vanilla extract, and salt.

Wash and slice up your peaches


Place your sliced peaches in a dish. Add a pinch of  salt

 1 tsp vanilla extract and the juice of 1/2 of a lemon – Use your hands to mix with your sliced fruit


Combine 4 or 5 Tb Ghee -

 with 1/3 – 1/2 cp honey (depends on how sweet you like it) and 1 cp almond flour and 1/2 cup teff flour

You can use a food processor or your hands to mix your ingredients – should end up crumbly ..

Put this mixture over your peaches

Bake at about 350 -375 degrees for about 20 -25 minutes (or until brown and a little bubbly)


 P.s.- My hubby said it needs cinnamin.. so add some if you like it :)


The Real Bambi & Thumper

This photograph was taken in Alberta Canada by Tanja Askani.  

  Bambi & Thumper really do exist!

I love these pictures.  We live in the foothills and see lots of bear and deer.   I often wonder what goes on in my own yard when I’m not looking!

Enjoy your Thursday!


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Healthy Snacks

Granola with yogurt is a great snack.  I love making my own so  I can vary the ingredients  – and my home smells delicious!   It’s healthy and fun to change things up a bit seasonally.   Winter calls for more nuts (fat) and a little dark chocolate (sugar, caffeine, good taste) to help sustain us during those cold and dark winter months up here in the Pacific Northwest. 

While the weather is still mild, I have been enjoying a lighter granola with a little fruit and yogurt for a snack or  breakfast.

While shopping the other day,  I noticed a couple  brands of yogurt that appeared NEW to the shelves of my natural foods market.  Both were  available in nonfat or lowfat, and a variety of flavors.  What I liked most was that neither was too sugary – typical for many brands of yogurt.


I tried plain, blueberry, and honey – all delicious

6 oz serving of the Plain yogurt  –  9 grams of sugar

6 oz serving of the Vanilla yogurt – 15 grams of sugar

Green Valley ORGANICS Lactose Free Lowfat Yogurt

Loved the ingredients – you don’t need to be sensitive to milk sugar to enjoy this product.

Organic L/F milk and organic honey :)

6 oz – 140 calories and 16 grams of sugar

Calcium helps build strong bones, reduce some of the symptoms associated with PMS, helps us rest soundly, and much more ~

Eat up!


On My Night-Stand

Reading before bed is my simple luxury.   After a long day, I love to curl up with a good book and relax – even if it’s just a few minutes.

UNBROKEN By Laura Hillenbrand

This is a 500 page book about the story of a true American hero – Louis Zamperini. 

A troubled child,  turned track and field Olympic contender, to World War I Air Corps  B-24 Bombardier.  This is the tale of a true American hero and his brush with death, survival against all odds,resilience, and unbelievable  endurance.    

You don’t have to be history buff or sports fan to enjoy this story.  The ending is remarkable – true redemption and forgiveness. 

Wonderful story!


Game Day

Our first home- game of the season.  As usual I’m running late and the house is a mess from last night.  I can’t keep the puppy out of the dishwasher.

Jade is so cute – but has no manners and is always in trouble.  She has two speeds: run and sprint.

Deciding which jersey to wear ..

First stop, Starbucks – tall drip w/ half and half

I feel like my hair sometimes looks like this … good idea for a Halloween costume

At Century Link, so crowded!  Good luck Seahawks!

We have the best fans :)

This little guy was so cute!

Essentials -

Silent Auction -

Our daughter gets air-time!

And we WON!  So good to be home now.  Having a glass of wine and a fall stew with warm bread.